The Jordan River

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This week I had the opportunity to visit the Jordan River and the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ. I have been there previously but I enjoyed the opportunity to return. The Hashemite sun decided to come out in full force while we were there, however. Despite the inferno, the short hike we took through the Baptism Site was really interesting. At the end of the route, we got to the Jordan River. On our end, the Jordanian end, we were able to look across to the Israeli side of the river and see people getting baptized. We were less than 50 yards from the Israeli side and it was nice to see people participating in a ceremony that is meaningful to them.

My Arabic studies are continuing to make slow but steady progress. I have recently found out that next semester I will be going to the American University in Dubai on a scholarship. There, I will continue learning Arabic and take a mix of history and cultural classes about the region. I really want to continue Arabic I’m very excited for this opportunity. Now that I’ll be sticking with Arabic in an Arabic speaking country, my Arabic studies here in Jordan have taken on an added urgency and importance. I’m exceptionally fortunate to have the chance to focus on Arabic and develop regional expertise.

With 3 weeks left here in Jordan, I’m thinking more and more about how much I’ll miss it. I did not expect to like Jordan as much as I do and would love the chance to come back for an extended period in the future.