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두번째달: 2nd Moon. My first pansori concert

As my time in Korea is coming to a full close, it is the time for me to begin the time of meaningful reflections, and what better way to reflect than to share some of the highlights of my time there. For the first highlight I would like to share is my discovery of the modern pansori band 두번째달 or 2nd Moon. Ever since I was first was introduced to them ( thanks to my dear Korean friend Seung Eun), I was enticed by their modern twist on the traditional singing styles of pansori. Also, I would listen to their music while studying with my friends to the point of utter annoyance. Below, I linked a video of my favorite song performed by the group. The song name is called 사랑가 ( Love Song ) and it is one of the most famous pansori song ever known, at least from what I have heard. Additionally, if you do not know what a pansori singing style sounds like, the video below will enlighten you. However, keep in mind that traditionally pansori is usually sung with another individual who is playing a drum.

Anyway, the reason for their introduction is that I was able to convince my exchange student program, CIEE, to sponsor our group to go to one of their concerts. The night was very enjoyable for the students and staff that did not know of them previous to the concert. As for me, it was one of the most memorable moments in Korea. When they sang 사랑가 ( Love Song ), which was ended up being twice, I sang along to the entire song. As well, the music live is incomparable to the the recording, if you ever have a chance to see pansori live, do not skip that opportunity. In addition, I posted some photos from the concert, including the moment I was able to meet the band members!


This is the concert poster (which I picked up two copies to take home with me and is currently hanging on my wall in my room)

Here is a photo of the set of the concert, with the pansori singer in front. As well, while he sings, he usually sings with a large fan.

At the end of the show, and after waiting a long line, we were able to meet the band members and get our cd signed. I was so idiotically nervous that I forgot how to speak Korean and I kept on saying “I really liked it” and “good job,” even though I wanted to express how much they have influenced my time in Korea and were one of my favorite musical groups.