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Calling out your host family and Uber drivers

Many students learn about calling out their peers when they are in disagreement, but what about people who you do not view as peers? Here I speak of my experiences calling out my host family, host family’s friend’s, and Uber drivers. It is also important to note that context is extremely important to consider depending on who you are interacting with and what country you are in. I think calling people into conversation and taking accountability for one’s own fault’s will allow us as human beings to be better.

Final Moments in the Dominican Republic

All of the tennis courts were occupied and wouldn’t be available until 10 am. Wow! Are we going to spend another 30 minutes just to return to our hostel?

Advocacy in the Dominican Republic

After we left the batey, I felt very grateful just to have a birth certificate. I felt very grateful to have an identity and to be a citizen of the United States.

All About Food in the DR!

Food and drinks in the Dominican Republic are phenomenal but there also is a poltics behind what food are staples and, who are priveledge to eat certain types of food.

My Experience Riding Guagua

If you’re riding on the guagua, you may think you’re going to die. You might even think how is possible that everyone on the road doesn’t follow the rules. But then you ask yourself if rules even exist.