Madison Pastrick

Social Media & Marketing Intern

Madison is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she also received her B.A. in Corporate Communication and a minor in Business Management. During her sophomore year, Madison spent a semester studying abroad in Rome, Italy where she discovered a passion for the Italian culture, language, and people, as well as an overall interest in intercultural education. In her remaining 2 years as an undergraduate, Madison earned a certificate in Intercultural Awareness, and studied abroad in Austria, Poland, and the Dominican Republic.   

In 2020, Madison decided to return to Rome, where she began working for the very campus that she had studied at as an undergrad. To this day, she still serves as the International Resident Director for Duquesne University’s Italian campus where she assists students during their intercultural exploration throughout Europe. In this time, she also received a M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Duquesne University in pursuit of continuing her career in International Education.  

As someone whose life and career were completely changed by her time abroad, Madison understands that studying abroad should not be seen as a privilege, but that every college student deserves access to these life-changing experiences. In her free time, Madison enjoys practicing yoga, reading travel memoirs, and eating lots of pasta!