Kaija Campbell

Administrative & Systems Intern

Kaija Campbell joined our team in the summer of 2021 as our administrative systems intern. Kaija is a full-time international student studying psychology in Madrid. Kaija grew up in Sleepy Hollow, New York, and temporarily lived in the midwest for two years of high school. These two years were a catalyst for her to extend her perspective to a global scale. Kaija never left the United States before braving Europe and she’s now been able to visit over 11 new countries since and will graduate in May 2022. As an international student of color herself, she personally feels dedicated to inspire the students who normally couldn’t afford the opportunity to live abroad. She is an avid advocate of expanding the opportunities for all students who feel as if they would benefit from more control of their academic careers.

She plans to use her creative and determined personality to build her own practice that utilizes personalized and holistic lifestyle adjustments to create tangible psychological benefits. The practice would primarily assist underrepresented teens and young adults. Kaija has been a professional caretaker, bartender, waitress, sales & customer service team member, and most recently the founder of SLU Black Students Organization. In the meantime, she’ll continue her studies, involving herself in programs and activities that improve the lives of students of color.