Brandon Lee

Chief Executive Officer
Terra Dotta

Brandon Lee is responsible for all aspects of managing Terra Dotta’s business. His main interest lies in shaping the usability and accessibility of the company’s software. He has primary responsibility for the marketing and sales efforts for TDS for Study Abroad, ISSS, Risk Management, and Application Management.

Brandon’s first study abroad experience in Pornic, France inspired him to continue French Studies. While at Chapel Hill, he led undergraduate students on a semester-long trip to France and taught courses in French language and literature as well as communication studies. He served on several University executive boards, including one that examined the role of technology in the future of the University, and with the Carolina Computing Initiative, through which students are provided laptop computers. These experiences led him to start Terra Dotta with co-founder Garrett Christian.

Terra Dotta is the application software used by FEA, which has been an annual in-kind gift from Terra Dotta valued at nearly $10,000.