Ni hao! My name is Sammy Yassin. I was born and raised in Nebraska and most recently, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. During the start of my biological studies at Shelton State Community College, I stumbled upon an opportunity to visit Taiwan with a friend. This opportunity emerged into enrollment at Feng Chia University’s Chinese language center. In turn, a seed was planted that has cultivated its way into my educational track. As a current student of University of Alabama’s self-disciplinary New College, I am pleased to propose international exploration as an actual contribution towards my Bachelor’s degree, entitled “Biomedical Sciences/ Chinese Studies.” Following a year’s worth of Mandarin, my memory and fortitude will be put to the ultimate test as I take on another round of (Chinese) checkers, but with a
different game plan this time.
My cultural fondness of Taiwan helps influence great partnerships towards health related employment at the Department of Homeland Security. My pre-departure courses in beginning Mandarin and Asian culture aside pre-medicinal courses are an excellent driving force for the bipartisan relationship that is yet to come. My biological background, along with New College’s independent encouragement, helps consolidate my goals into one extraordinary degree plan. With intensive knowledge on both sciences and the globe, I feel that my research will be to the benefit of far more than just myself. Thus, if
all goes according to plan, I will be able to apply my joint abilities in a multicultural manner. This, in turn, will create a personal phenomenon that ties the principles of healthcare and the languages of America and Taiwan all into one nice package. I hope to later organize a formal conference for American-Taiwanese relations, or advise the next springboard of bilateral influence to better draw the countries closer together.

Journal entries by Sammy

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