Bethel Aklilu

Attending:Western Kentucky University
Studying in Multiple Destinations | *South India Term Abroad (SITA) Nallennam Scholarship
"Hello" in your host country's language: مرحبا marhabaan (Arabic), Olá (Portugese), Sawubona (Zulu), Bonzour (Morisyen), नमस्ते/namaste (Hindi), Hai (Malay), xin chào (Vietnamese), 你好/néih hóu (Cantonese), こんにちは/ Kon'nichiwa (Japanese), 안녕하세요/annyeonghaseyo (Korean)
Home Institution (your U.S. University/College): Western Kentucky University
Expected graduation year: 2022
Destination city & country: Casablanca, Morocco, Praia, Cabo Verde, Takoradi/Tema, Ghana, Cape Town, South Africa, Port Louis, Mauritius, Mumbai, India, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Kobe, Japan, Busan, South Korea
Program provider: Semester at Sea
Major/minor: English/ Citizenship and Social Justice & Film
Demographics: First-Generation College Student, First-Generation American, Black, Ethiopian
Future career aspirations: I want to work in the field of international rights-based work!
Top 3 goals for your time abroad: 1. Work with an organization that serves a local community to create change.
2. Gain a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of countries and their histories.
3. Meeting new people and getting to know them.

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