FEA Alumni Council Member

Amber C. Kennedy is an FEA 2015 Alumni Scholar who received a $1,250 award for a summer semester in Xiamen, China. Amber received her Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication, with a concentration in print journalism, from Albany State University Spring 2016. She then earned a Masters of the Art in Public Relation from Norfolk State University. Amber has traveled to Canada, Italy, Japan, and with the aid of Fund For Education Abroad, she was able to study abroad in Xiamen, China. While in China, Kennedy studied photo journalism, international journalism , and interned with the only English written newspaper in Shenzhen.

Currently Amber works as a Territory Sales Manager for Altria Group Distribution Company, is a Brand Ambassador for Dangers of the Mind LLC, and serves as FEA Alumni Council Member. Her interests include global and corporate communication strategies, as well as critical cultural media studies. Amber firmly believes life is about exposure, it is through our exposure we expand our perspective, learn to appreciate culture, and value life. Kennedy has a terminal goal of earning her Doctorate and becoming Media Professor, Entrepreneur, Franchisee, and the study abroad coordinator at an institution of higher learning.