Reuben Tang

FEA Alumni Council Co-Chair

Reuben Tang is a Summer 2018 FEA scholarship recipient. With generous support from FEA, he traveled abroad for the first time and studied Chinese at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. While abroad, he developed his language skills, explored his Chinese heritage, and had many wonderful opportunities to travel to unforgettable sights within Taiwan. His most profound memory was when he journeyed to Tai Tung to meet the indigenous people of Taiwan. After living with them for four days, he was incredibly humbled by their cordiality, work ethic, and frugal lifestyle. His three months abroad were life-changing, inspirational, and undeniably wholesome.

Reuben is a senior double majoring in Architectural Sciences and Chinese at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Upon his return, he is currently working as a research assistant and hopes to later pursue a career that combines his design knowledge, language skills, and his newly-discovered enthusiasm for traveling. He is a determined nerd fighter, an advocate of international education (for willing listeners) and loves the phrase “it is all about the learning.” In the present and future, he wants to spread the message that experiencing and appreciating another culture is so beautifully compelling to the point where he believes that international education has the power to mature minds and influence dreams as it did to him.