Brian Anderson

FEA Alumni Council Member

I’ve been very fortunate in my lifetime. Not only have I been blessed with amazing family, friends, and adventures, I’ve also been blessed with opportunities. One such opportunity and adventure were studying abroad with The University Studies Abroad Consortium in Santiago, Chile in the summer of 2015 with the help of the Fund for Education Abroad, which was an amazing experience that allowed me to learn quite a bit and explore more of the world. I’m a Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of UNLV, who decided to give back to young adventurers such as myself. For this reason, I started We Are Legend Interns LLC and I truly hope that this new venture will become the future of international internships. I’m also the CEO of We Are Legend Consulting Agency and I work full time in healthcare. I’m very passionate about my work, but the golden moments in life aren’t at some desk or computer. They’re in a child’s smile, the arms of a lover, the comfort of a friend… Those are the moments I live for. I hope to help others achieve their dreams, but I will always remind them to pay special attention to what matters most. Semper Fi & Perge!!!