Taeilorae Levell

FEA Alumni Council Co-Chair

Taeilorae is a 2016 Alumni Scholar and current member of the FEA Alumni Council and Board of Trustees. With FEA’s support, she studied Arabic in Rabat, Morocco for a semester. Taeilorae is currently working at her Alma Mater Howard University as the Career Placement Specialist in the Office of Career Services and Office of Undergraduate Studies. She coordinates and monitors all on-campus/ off campus student employment positions, facilitating their placement and ensuring compliance with federal, state, and institutional policies and regulations. She is very glad to be back at Howard University as a staff member helping impact students the way she was impacted by so many people there. Taeilorae is currently studying towards the Masters in Public Health Program at Howard University. Outside of work and studying, she enjoys doing radical outdoor activities, traveling,volunteering, and looking up creative plant-based recipes to make her lunches!