Bonjour! My name is Nathalie Philippe, I am a currently an undergraduate student at Florida International University in Miami, Florida; where I am pursuing a triple Bachelors’ degree in Finance, Economics and International Relations. Therefore, upon the graduation I will not only be the first college graduate among my family but also the first to receive 3 Bachelor’s degrees.

I am the oldest of 3 children born to immigrant parents from Haiti, and after having the opportunity to come to the US to pursue an education (an opportunity my parents’ weren’t fortunate to have) I am determined to ensure it is not one I take for granted. I love the multiplicity of cultural in the world and hence why study abroad has always been something of interest to me. I choose Senegal and the Gambia, as my preferred program because I have always been fascinated by the African continent and the rich history and diversity it offers.
I actively involved in community services projects nationally and internationally, youth leadership development is my passion and I have continued to kindle that passion by dedicating all of my school breaks to traveling abroad or nationally to working with young individuals as myself that have not been so fortunate. Recently, I spent my spring break working with Love and Care International Org (a young adult founded and ran organization where I sit on the board) in Haiti providing leadership development seminars and community service projects within the Haitian community. The success has been profound. One of my goals is to expand our reach to the African continent to challenge the youth all over the world to become leaders and change-makers in their local, national and international communities.

I am ecstatic to have been given this opportunity as I know it is only a stepping stone to my long-term goal of working with the USAID, in assisting with economic development in under-developed and emerging countries all over the world. I am eager to seize the moment… (Carpe Diem)

Journal entries by Nathalie

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