Hi! I’m Michael Cruz, a senior at Rutgers University. I started out pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree while taking Japanese language courses for fun but I realized I wanted language to become an integral part of my life. Now I’m just one year from completing an East Asian Studies and Mechanical Engineering dual-degree. When I’m not worrying about exams, papers, projects or presentations (sometimes even when I should be) I can usually be found playing badminton at the gym or hanging out with my friends looking for good places to eat! Now that I’ve managed to complete my engineering requirements after countless packed semesters and busy summer sessions, I’m finally ready to study abroad in Japan.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a good three years, since most science majors are credit intensive and don’t have the flexibility to miss a semester, let alone a whole year. After much planning and talking to friends who studied abroad ahead of me, I decided to study at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan.

I’m not quite sure what awaits me abroad, but I know it’ll be the environment I’ve been looking for to work on my language skills. I’m planning to meet many new people, especially students interested in working on their English so we can work together in our language pursuits. More than language study, I’m looking forward to learning about living in a brand new country full of new faces, experiences, and way of life.

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