Derrick is one of FEA’s 2015-2016 Rainbow Scholars.

Hi there! My name is Derrick Harshberger and I come from quite a different background and have thus dealt with many hardships. I moved over 20 times before I was 18, and at many times I was homeless or living out of someone’s basement. I am no longer close to most of my family for many reasons – except for my father, who is the strongest man I know. This background, as well as being a queer man, has given me a strong sense of perseverance and deep empathy for those less fortunate. My ultimate goal is to help those less fortunate and take care of my father.

I am traveling to Denmark for a few reasons. First, I want to see how the Danish work with respect to their marginalized and disadvantaged cultures for they excel above most countries in this. Secondly, I will be continuing my research and activism dealing with sexual violence in the gay male community which is an undiscussed and under-researched, yet very prevalent and pervasive issue on my community. However, my final reason to travel to a foreign land is to get uncomfortable and grow. Coming from where I do, I’ve learned that one of the most valuable things we can do for personal development is to get into situations that we fear and learn to not fear them. I have a strong sense of community where I live, and it’s time to jump into another one.

Journal entries by Derrick

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