Lyndsi Jones


Lyndsi is a recent graduate of Towson University, where she majored in Mass Communication with a concentration in public relations, and minored in Marketing. During her time at Towson, she studied abroad for six months in Leeds, England, and was able to also travel to Greece, Italy, and Ireland. Since then, she has also visited Iceland. Studying at Leeds opened her eyes to travel and to international education as a field, and because of her time abroad, she is now working towards her Master’s in International Education at the George Washington University. She hopes to someday work in the higher education spectrum of international education, because she is very passionate about working with students and building close communities on college campuses. Outside of academics, she enjoys writing music and singing, and is also a barista (fun fact: she has a true coffee obsession). She is very excited to join the team at FEA and help students who may not think they can study abroad or may feel discouraged see that there are so many resources available to help them get abroad.