Derek Craker

Social Media Coordinator

Growing up in a culturally diverse neighborhood, Derek’s early exposure to languages and customs inspired him to travel and eventually led him to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain. Upon his return from Spain, he became a study abroad advisor and outreach ambassador for study abroad programs while continuing his studies in Psychology and Spanish at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. With a desire to experience an entirely new culture, Derek became TEFL certified and taught English in South Korea post-graduation!

From Israel to Fiji, Derek has been fortunate enough to visit 25 countries. After circumnavigating the globe in 2016, he relocated to Austin, Texas where he is currently a Student Services Advisor at International Studies Abroad. As a social media intern with FEA, Derek is a strong believer in diversity among study abroad students and cultural experiences. In promoting study abroad scholarships, Derek aims to extend the mission of FEA by encouraging and empowering students of all backgrounds that by experiencing a new culture, we not only grow as individuals, but also contribute to the future diplomacy of our world.